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Working at McDonald's: 196,755 Reviews

Crew trainers, managers and other employees will work with you to show you the ropes, and training continues as you advance through the McDonald's To me, it was more than that. I held my first job working at McDonald’s back in 2008, and till this day I’m still grateful that I've given the opportunity to gain this first job experience. McDonald's crew members shared what they've learned from working at the restaurant chain with Business Insider. The lessons ranged from treating everyone with kindness to learning to work with Oct 20, 2015.

Experience from working at mcdonalds

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Here, I present the many stories I have in my memory of working at McDonald’s. You need absolutely no experience and I ended up learning a lot. (Communication skills, money handling, etc.) Answered 21 November 2017 - McDonald's Crew Member (Former employee) - Hamilton, ON None, I had no experience when I got hired but being an overacheiver is a bonus. The McDonald’s® Experience Come join the McFamily and be part of our exclusive McDonald’s Experience.

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Making money was the only thing that kept me at McDonalds, but my time working in food service taught me lessons I can appreciate now. "Working at McDonald's was one of the most fun experiences in my life! "I met lifelong friends while putting myself through college.

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Experience from working at mcdonalds

McDonald’s is the most well-known quick-service restaurant chain globally. A whole bunch of people make their living working at McDonalds. However, most of the people that can survive on their incomes are well above the “manager” stage and either own/run a location or work in the higher end departments of the chain. When I was in business, if I saw ‘McDonald’s’ on a resume, my interest piqued. During the interview, I’d ask what stations they worked at, and did they ever make it to Manager Trainee…

"I've learned to really respect and appreciate the hard McDonald’s offers a wide variety of healthy food options such as salads, yogurts, apple and orange juice, snack wraps, and fresh fruit. Approximately 70 percent of McDonald’s’ U.S. sales now come from drive-thru windows. 2. Why do you want to work at McDonald’s? Possible Answers are: Positive Things about My First Day at McDonald's. My coworkers today were cool. The customers are mostly nice at the McDonald's I work at.
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Experience from working at mcdonalds

Approximately 70 percent of McDonald’s’ U.S. sales now come from drive-thru windows. 2.

No! McDonald s Is Gonna Ruin the Kiddies!
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Plenty of hours, if wanted. Lots of training. Progression available.

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I also got to eat there for almost two years everyday! The McDonald's Workers' Resistance group describes working for the company as "degrading and dehumanising", accusing it of having a procedure in place for "every tiny action to make our role 2013-05-03 · "I'm interested in working at McDonalds as it has a great reputation in terms of training which would benefit me in future career paths. It is also very good work experience for my future and it offers some excellent career opportunities as well as courses, such as the retail course." What I Learned From 4 Years Working at McDonald's 12/03/2015 12:43 pm ET Updated Dec 03, 2016 In this Jan. 20, 2012 photo, the McDonald's logo and a Happy Meal box with french fries and a drink are posed at McDonald's, in Springfield, Ill. McDonaldâ s Corp.